reuse of grey water for watering the green

Let`s find sustainable water solutions together …

Don’t waste, reuse for the benefit of all

Hotels, campsite, and wellness centers have beautiful green spaces that contribute to the well-being and relaxation of their guests. Because of ongoing drought irrigation is becoming a prerequisite. As result of the fact, that in grey and in black water the growth of microorganism can lead to critical health risk of the guests, potable water must be used to water the garden.

Value proposition for integrating UVOX Redox® in  the complete water management in order to create a circular water management in order to save (potable) water and reuse grey or even black water.

UVOX Redox® can contibude to re-use grey water from the (chlorinated) swimming pool, but also from showers and toilet flushing for irrigation purposes.

This is possible due to the fact, that the free chlorine is kept  below 0,3 ppm and the disinfection by-products (DBP´s)  in other words the combined chlorine (mono-, di-, three chloramine) are effectively  removed.

  • Deactivation of all microorganism up to 99,99% (LOG 4 reduction)
  • Reduction of hazardous micropollutants such as (disinfection by-products (D.B.P`s), pesticides, hormones, rest of medicine, Ammoniac, and Nitrite.


Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
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