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Create a natural and healthy environment for fish, plants, and animals with UVOX Redox® triple water purification process.

Achieving a natural and residue-free state of water is essential for creating a healthy habitat for fish, plants, and animals. The UVOX Redox POND® process offers a sustainable and cost-effective method of water purification, which ensures natural and residue-free water in intensive livestock farming, ponds, aquariums, and zoos.

Inspired by nature.

The UVOX Redox POND® process employs a triple purification process, which combines the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light with the oxidizing effect of ozone, while in addition triggering a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP).

The triple purification process, with a single  UVOX lamp, also supports the natural nitrification process by oxidizing persistent compounds, ensuring the well-being of animals. The system effectively disinfects all microoganisms (bacteria, algae, and viruses) and oxidizes micropollutants such as hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, body fluids,  rests of medicines, Nitrite, and Urea.

Value proposition

  • Absolutely healthy water
  • Deactivation of all microorganisms (such as bacteria, algae, and viruses)
  • Protection against all pathogenic germs of fish, seals, and penguins

  • No (thread) algae
  • Only limited biofilm on walls and surfaces
  • No harmful by-products

  • No unpleasant smell, odor and taste

  • Oxidation of micropollutants (e.g. urine, yellow compounds, medicines, and pesticides)
  • Visibility of fish at depth
  • Acceleration of the natural nitrification process (Aerobe phase)

  • Increase in oxygen levels
  • Limited maintance

  • Improvement in the intake water quality

  • Increased reuse of process / grey water

  • Low capital and operational expenditure (CAPEX / OPEX)

  • Sustainable water management at a low Carbon footprint

Case study


Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
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