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Meet our UVOX experts to learn more about chemical free water purification and sustainable water management in order to:

Keeping water in its most natural form, Reusing grey water, Giving water back to the nature

Keeping water in
its most natural form

Keeping water in its most natural form, Reusing grey water, Giving water back to the nature
grey water
Keeping water in its most natural form, Reusing grey water, Giving water back to the nature

Giving water back
to the nature


Safeguarding the natural water resources will be our challenge for future generations. Chemical, and residual free water purification is an investment in the future.

Technical know how  must be combined to increase sustainability . Do you wish to contribute to maintain safe and residual free drinking water, leisure water without chlorine, process water that can be reused, or wastewater that can be given back to nature? Let´s find sustainable solutions together.


UVOX Redox® simulates the sun light with its natural function of UV-disinfection, ozonation, and Advanced Oxidation (A.O.P.).

The patented UVOX Redox® water purification system reproduces the natural irradiation of Ultraviolet (U.V.) light in order to purify water without need to dose chemical additives.

Our UVOX Redox® technology provides proven solutions for purifying water for a variety of applications.

Whether you safeguard the quality of drinking water, reuse process water, or return wastewater back to nature, UVOX Redox® keeps the water  in its most natural form.

As result of the UVOX Redox® triple-process technology, effective disinfection of all microorganisms and the (advanced) oxidation of so called micropollutants (s.a. hormones, pesticides, antibiotics) lead to safe and sustainable water management.

Our purification systems are chemical free. The installation is quick and hassle-free, and maintenance is user-friendly. Our water purification method is safe for people and the environment, has a low carbon footprint, and effectively helps to address the global shortage of clean fresh water.


UVOX Redox® technology has been widely recognized and proven effective for water purification in various applications. Whether it’s for drinking, bathing, processing, or waste water, UVOX provides solutions that are smart, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly backed by many years of practical experience in different markets.

Discover more about the applications and benefits in your sector.

UVOX Redox® safeguards the total water management for the leisure and recreation industry in compliance with national guidelines in a sustainable and cost effective manner. UVOX Redox® revolutionizes water purification for swimming pools, as well as natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. It guarantees safe drinking water and effectively prevents Legionella contamination in showers. UVOX Redox® contributes to circular usage of water in a sustainable and affordable way to improve the resilience of this industry.

Food and beverage industry - UVOX Redox® technology

Food & beverage industry

Worldwide the agri-food sector consumes 70 % of our natural water resources. Water security and availability is one of the greatest concerns for the agri-food production value chain. Globally the availability of safe food and drinking water is of utmost importance. UVOX Redox® can contribute to to circular usage of water for food and beverage production in a sustainable and affordable way and that is why it improves the resilience of this sector and the society.

Aquarium & Aquaculture

The well-being of sealife, fish, and plants depends on the quality of the water. In Aquariums, zoo’s and for intensive animal husbandry, the UVOX Redox® water purification process  keeps water in its most natural form. It guarantees an efficient UV- Disinfection, UV Oxidation and Advanced Oxidation of all bacteria, algae and germs and accelerates meanwhile the nitrification process. UVOX Redox® creates safe, natural and crystal clear water.

Drinking & shower water

Access to fresh, clean drinking water is a human right. Safeguarding  natural drinking water resources will be the challenge for future generations. Potable drinking water is often bought in PET bottles, which turn into micro plastics and will pollute natural ecosystems irreversible. The triple UVOX Redox® system guaranties an upto  99.999 % disinfection of all microorganism and an (advanced) oxidation of hazardous micropollutants (such as pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and medicine) and safeguards therefore the natural taste, smell and color of drinking water without using chemicals.

Process and cooling water - UVOX Redox®

Process & cooling water

During the production process, the process water always will become contaminated to an certain extend.  UVOX Redox® can assist you in finding sustainable solutions to reuse process water more often. The triple UVOX Redox® prevents the formation of algae, bacteria (such as Legionella), and biofilm in cooling towers, heat exchangers, and water storage systems. As result of implementing UVOX Redox® systems, equipment is operating more efficiently, maintenance costs are reduced and the lifetime of the installation is exptended. UVOX Redox® provides you with cost-effective, eco-friendly, and a circular solutions.

Wastewater - UVOX Redox® technology


Waste water contains many nutrients. Decentralized purification of waste water would contribute to more resilience in the industrial sectors and society. Wastewater purification is rather complex. The triple UVOX Redox® purification process ensures the deactivation of microorganisms and the reduction of hazardous micropollutants in wastewater. With UVOX Redox®  you can achieve effective and cost-efficient wastewater treatment while minimizing environmental impact and contribute to circular usage of water in the sector and the society in general.


The patented triple UVOX Redox® technology delivers innovative water treatment with a very low carbon footprint. The most important parameter is, that it saves water, energy and chemicals in a smart and cost effective manner. The reduction of chemicals usage will contribute to saving natural water resources for future generations and will lead to a lower Carbon footprint.



Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
Feel free to contact us to discover the multiple benefits for your business.

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