The Sun as a role model

The sun radiates light in different wavelengths (nanometer nm) to the earth. Some of this is visible light (color spectrum) and some is not visible to the human eye. For the purification of water however, UV-light with wavelengths varying from 185 to 315 nm are of importance.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun kill off morbiferous microorganisms within seconds, thus preventing further spreading. The primary damage to the microorganisms during ultraviolet irradiation is based on a photosensitive alteration of the nucleic acids that prevents cell division. An effective disinfection is achieved through this.

The most efficient disinfection is achieved by ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 254 nm.

Ozone (O3) is formed out of Oxygen (O2) due to ultraviolet irradiation at 185 nm. It breaks down easily upon formation of oxygen and is thus deemed to be a good disinfectant and oxidant of many water-soluble, (partly persistent) substances.

The  UVOX Redox® process

The smart UVOX Redox® process combines the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light with the oxidizing effect of ozone and hydroxil radicals (A.O.P.) in one single system with one (or more) special UVOX Redox® lamp(s).

The UVOX Redox® triple purification process guaranties guarantees a minimum 99,9 % killing rate of all bacteria, viruses and algae and other hazardous pathogens.

Furthermore, it removes efficiently micropollutants, such as hormones, antibiotecs, pesticides, biocides, disinfection by-products (DBP`s), body fluids, odor, and rest of pharmaceutical products and medicine.

Description of the UVOX Redox® triple purification process:

By means of the special UVOX Redox® UV-lamp, air is irradiated with ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 185 nm. The oxygen content in the air is converted into ozone as result of this ultraviolet irradiation. Ozone already leads to the oxidation of pathogenic germs and  micropollutants. This air mixture then is injected into the water by mean of a special Ozone injection device.

In the UVOX reaction chamber, water and the Ozone / air mixture are then (again) irradiated with ultraviolet light (254 nm).

Es result of this two processes are taking place:

Firstly, the UV- disinfection as result of the irradiation with UV (254 nm) is initiated.

Secondly, the diluted ozone content is converted into hydroxil radicals, whereby the relative oxidation potential is increased from 1.52 (value Ozone) to 2.05 (value hydroxil radicals).

This process of advanced oxidation (A.O.P) is the most effective form of oxidation and is unique to the UVOX Redox®. As result of the advanced oxidation process, many resistant microorganisms, are inactivated very effectively. Furthermore, it breaks-down many noxious, and highly persistent micropollutants.

The remaining ozone content is destroyed.

The UVOX Redox® triple purification process will lead to:

Up to 99,999% deactivation of all microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, protozoa, and molds. Even hazardous species, like Legionella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Sars-CCoV-2 will be deactivated.

A very effective reduction of many very persistent micropollutans as result of the advanced oxidation process (A.O.P.).

Summary of the UVOX Redox® TRIPLE  purification process 


Advanced Oxidation 

  • UV- Disinfection by means of irradiation with UV-C (254 nm).

  • Additional Ozone oxidation (ozonation) as result of the irradiation of Oxygen with UV-C (185 nm).

  • Additional initiation of the Advanced Oxidation (A.O.P.)  as result of the irradiation of the dissolved Ozone  in water with UV-C (254 nm). Hydroxyl radicals are formed as result of this process.

  • The UVOX Redox® triple purification process guaranties  a very effective deactivation of all hazardous microorganisms (upto 99,999 % / 5 LOG reduction).

  • The UVOX Redox® triple purification process  removes persistant contaminations, micropollutants, and accelerates degrading processes:

      • Removal / reduction of disinfection by-products (D.B.P´s)
      • Removal / reduction of hazardous pesticides and biocides
      • Removal / reduction of persistent medicine, hormones and antibiotics
      • Break down of Ammoniac, Ammonium and Nitrite (Aerobe water purification)
      • Removal of unpleasant odor, smell and taste

Deactivation of the chlorine-resistant Bacillus Subtillus by means of the  UVOX Redox®  in comparison to state-of-the-art UV.