Let`s find sustainable water solutions together…

Take your food processing a step further towards sustainability and contribute to smart and sustainable water management by means of UVOX Redox® technology.

The production of qualitative high-grade foodstuffs and drinks requires flawless microbiological quality of the applied product water. Moreover, the reduction of the micropollutants (such as disinfection by-products, pesticides, biocides, and hormones) are of great importance.

The UVOX Redox® technology a highly effective and reliable solution for the food and beverage industry and agriculture.

With the triple purification process, it guaranties the effective removal of all microorganisms (up to 5 LOG reduction) and hazardous micro contaminants and micropollutants, ensuring a safe and high-quality product.

UVOX Redox® offers a sustainable and chemical free solution, while reducing the need for maintenance and downtime.

UVOX Redox® technology is successfully applied in further processes such as rinsing cycles, cooling circuits and water recycling for food processing and agriculture.

Each water matrix is different and specific to a certain (production) process. The UVOX team starts with an initial water analysis and an UV-C transmission measurement. Thereafter, we configurate an UVOX Redox® test installation, which is most often installed at the premises of our customer for a certain period. The test installation allows the customer to carry out real-time tests in a confidential surrounding. For this a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed. Facts and figures will be evaluated confidentially to clarify the feasibility of a full scale UVOX Redox® system.

Value proposition

  • Absolutely safe and efficient disinfection of all micro-organisms up to 99.999% (5 LOG reduction)

  • Protection against Legionella by washing activities
  • Improved quality of process water, preventing germs during storage and processing

  • Reduction of hazardous unwanted disinfection by-products DBPs (Chloramine, THM, etc.)

  • Reduction of harmful micropollutants (such as pesticides, biocides, hormones, and plant protectents)
  • Maintain the water in its natural form, no unpleasant odor or taste

  • No change in the pH value
  • Saving on water, energy and chemicals
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Cost-effectiveness and chemical free purification
  • Easy implementation and maintenance
  • Reduction of production down times
  • Low capital expenditure (CAPEX) / low  operational expenditure (OPEX)

  • Affordable and sustainable water purification

Case study


Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
Feel free to contact us to discover the multiple benefits for your business.

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