Mission statement

Water is our most precious resource. Life without water is impossible. Clean water is becoming increasingly important. Although over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water, only 1 percent of it is usable as drinking water. Sustainable treated drinking, bathing, and process water is an investment in the world of tomorrow.

Wapure International GmbH - UVOX Redox® technology - 35 years experience

Water purification can be achieved in a natural way by mimicking the power of sunlight. Water is utilized in various ways within a company – as a raw material, for recreation, process water for washing or transporting products, cleaning, and more. However, in all these processes, water is contaminated to some extent. Due to water scarcity and sustainability concerns, organizations must consider their impact on the environment.

Corporate social responsibility requires companies to be mindful of the water transition. Preventing unnecessary pollution of water is essential, but re-using water in the mentioned processes offers sustainable solutions for the future.

That is why at UVOX Redox®, we strive to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for water purification. We care deeply about the environment and the impact that human activities can have on it.

Our UVOX Redox® technology offers a natural and chemical-free method of water purification that not only eliminates harmful microorganisms and pollutants but also helps to conserve water by enabling its re-use.

We believe that by taking responsibility and implementing sustainable solutions, we can contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

Value proposition of the UVOX Redox® system

UVOX Redox® presents a triple  purification technology of UV, ozonation, and advanced oxidation for sustainable water treatment  providing a vast array of advantages:

  • There are no chemical additives needed, which saves the environment.
  • The triple process offers UV disinfection, ozonation, and advanced oxidation by means of hydroxyl radicals in a compact system.
  • Unlike in conventional UV treatment systems, the UVOX Redox® triple purification process initiates additionally ozone, and advanced oxidation by means of the special UVOX lamp. Therefore, there is no need for a separate ozone generation unit or adding hydroxyl radicals.
  • The system can be easily integrated into the existing water cycle.
  • Depending on the water matrix and flow rate, UVOX Redox® can be upscaled easily to increase purification capacities.
  • Due to profound expertise in UV- disinfection, ozonation, and advanced oxidation, efficient measurement and control of the UVOX Redox® triple purification process is guaranteed to safeguard the goals of water purification.