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UVOX Redox®


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Our systems are suitable for various applications:

  • Healthcare institutions like hospitals and elderly homes
  • Public swimming pools and swimming ponds
  • Public lake management
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Decentralized facility management: drinking & shower water and reuse of grey water
  • Process & cooling water for production processes

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The UVOX Redox® team is eager to assist you in finding a smart and sustainable solution for your specific water quality problem. We are experienced in implementing customized solutions and offer you:

  • New insights into your water purification process.
  • Outline the benefits of implementing UVOX Redox® into your water purification process.
  • Insight in costs during lifetime and utility (APEX /OPEX).
  • Return on investment (R.O.I).

Book an informative  meeting for further insight in your current water treatment system, possible sustainable options and benefits for improving the quality of your intake water,  re-using grey water or giving water back to nature, which will lead to improved overall water management.

Here you will find our contributions concerning sustainable water management for leisure water, water usage in the agrifood sector, drinking and shower water, process and cooling water, and wastewater. If you are interested in relevant industry news, our recent R&D activities, appreciated publications, case studies or white papers about UVOX Redox®, feel free to start here.

35 years of experience in the field of U.V. technology means profound  knowledge and practical experience in engineering customized systems for your specific application.

Answers to your top questions

How can the patented UVOX Redox® triple purification process be a blue print for many customized systems in many areas of application?2023-08-03T18:10:38+02:00

As result of more than 35 years of experience in UV-technology, Ozonation and Advanced Oxidation, the UVOX team is eager to find sustainable solutions for water purification together with our (OEM) clients for their specific applications. Sustainable water management should be affordable, smart, easy to install and to maintain.

We have two patents on the UVOX Redox® triple purification process.

The first, the UVOX Redox® Basic patent is developed for tiny/small seize turn-key systems for e.g. drinking water treatment and swimming pools without chlorine for domestic purpose.
and medium seize turn-key systems for e.g. the leisure and recreational industry, industrial process and cooling water and applications in the agri-food sector.

The second, UVOX Redox® Flexbank patent, which is developed for large flows such as needed in municipal drinking water and waste water applications.

These two patents built the backbone for engineering of customized systems together with our clients (OEM).

Why is the special UVOX Redox® UV-Lamp (450.02.55) a further development of UV-technology?2023-08-04T13:24:59+02:00

Notably, UV-C light is virtually absent in sunlight reaching the earth’s surface due to the absorptive properties of the ozone layer within the atmosphere.

The state-of-the-art UV-C low and medium pressure lamps use a gas mixture containing the elements mercury and amalgam. The mercury vapor is an advantageous gas for the UV-disinfection application, because it emits light in the germicidal (‘germs killing’) wavelengths range (UVC and UVB).

Medium pressure UV-lamps have low UV-C output / energy balance and will therefore not contribute to sustainability.

The special UVOX Redox® lamp (450.02.55), however, is a low-pressure amalgam UV-lamp, which emits two peaks of wavelengths, firstly 185 nm and secondly 254 nm with one (single) UV-lamp. The first UV-light emission with a wavelength of 185 nm creates ozone (O3) out the oxygen (O2) content (20 %) in air.

The second UV-light emission with a wavelength of 254 nm has a germicidal effect on all microorganisms and initiates the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.) as result of the irradiation of the dissolved ozone (O3)  molecule in water. A highly effective hydroxyl radical is formed.

As result of this special UVOX Redox® lamp (450.02.55) the triple process of purification is initiated, which leads to adhanced sustainable water management and obvious cost reduction on energy, water (and chemicals). A very low Carbon footprint leads to an early R.O.I..

Why can the UVOX Redox® triple purification process remove noxious micropollutants from natural water resources?2023-08-03T17:46:06+02:00

Micropollutants are synthetically produced, non-natural micropollutants, which are found in smallest concentration of billionths (nano) to millionths (micro) of a gram per liter water. They include substances such as hormones, antibiotics, disinfection by-products (DBP´s), pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PFAS (PFC) and microplastics.

Many substances which fall under the micropollutant umbrella do not readily break down in the natural world and cannot easily be removed from wastewater effluent and process water, meaning concentrations of them are only going to grow over time.

The impact of those noxious micropolluntants on fragile ecosystems is not yet investigated sufficiently. Obviously, the formation of micropollutants must be prevented by all means.

The highly effective UVOX Redox® triple purification process oxidizes hazardous micropollutants as result of the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.) in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Our systems can contribute to advanced sustainable water management.

Why is the UVOX Redox® triple purification process so effective in deactivating hazardous microorganisms in a sustainable and cost-effective way?2023-08-04T11:35:34+02:00

The Redox® triple purification process is highly effective for microbial deactivation even up to a 99,999% (5 LOG) of even very resistant microorganisms without the dosing of additional disinfectants such as Chlorine.

The UVOX Redox® triple purification process combines disinfection, ozonation and Advanced Oxidation (AOP) within one single system by means of one special UVOX Redox® UV-lamp. This triple process results in a very effective inactivation (and to a great extend the removal) of microorganisms such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses, fungi, algae, and molds. It prevents the building of biofilms.

As result of the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.), even very resistant species such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and legionella are inactivated by ripping off their protective epidermis (skin). In this way the triple UVOX Redox® process can penetrate the cell core very effectively at low energy cost.

Read more: Y. Ekowati a.o.: “Deactivation of the chlorine resistant Bacillus Subtilis by means of UVOX Redox®.” Chemosphere 2019.

How does the UVOX Redox® triple water purification process contribute to sustainable water management to keep water in its most natural form, to re-use water and to give water back to nature?2023-08-03T18:00:13+02:00

Without fresh potable water no life is possible on our blue planet called earth. Water shortage is and will become the most acute challenge for future generations. Climate change, droughts, urbanization, poor agricultural practices, and industrialization are among those factors that can change water quantity and quality regimes in ecosystems, and will irreversibly modify ecosystems.

Global sustainable water management is only possible by developing decentralized purification systems to tread specific water matrixes in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Each water is different. Water has a unique constitution with a specific matrix of dissolved organic and inorganic compounds. The water quality of drinking water, process water, and wastewater vary therefore to a large extend. That is why in most cases, the water purification systems must be customized to the specific water matrix and its purification purpose.

Dosing no / less chemicals such as chlorine, biocides, and pesticides will be of great importance and leads to more resilience of industry and environment. Furthermore, diluted micropollutants (such as hormones and antibiotics) must be removed from natural water resources. Sustainable water management will become a major stepstone for future generations.

The UVOX team is eager to develop decentralized customized water purification systems, which meets the purification target of the water matrix together with our OEM partners. That is why we can contribute to improved sustainability.

The UVOX Redox® triple water purification systems contribute to circular water management by keeping water in its most natural form, re-using, and giving water back to nature.

How does Ultraviolet UV-disinfection function?2023-08-08T11:59:15+02:00

UV light (254 nm) damages the generic matter (DNA and RNA) and other crucial molecules inside a microorganism. The primary damage to the microorganisms during ultraviolet irradiation is based on a photosensitive alteration of the nucleic acids that prevents cell division. The damage inactivates the specific micro-organism, because it can no longer carry out vital functions, such as reproduction.

Most bacterial, protozoa, viruses, fungi, and algae are rather sensitive to the exposure of UV-light. However, some species are highly resistant to the irradiation with UV-C light as result of their protective epidermis (skin).

How does ozonation work?2023-08-04T13:22:23+02:00

Ozonation is a chemical water treatment technique based on the infusion of ozone into water. Ozone is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3), which is already a powerful oxidant, lower only than fluorine atom, oxygen atom, and hydroxyl radical.

During the UVOX Redox® purification process Ozone (O3) is formed out of Oxygen (O2) as result of the irradiation with UV-C 185 nm.

Some of the reactions of Ozone create the oxygen atom and hydroxyl radical to create an even higher oxidation potential than ozone alone. In many cases there is no explicit electron transfer, but rather an oxygen transfer from the Ozone molecule to the other compound.

How is the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) activated?2023-08-03T16:02:58+02:00

An advanced oxidation process (AOP), in a broad sense, are a set of chemical treatment procedures designed to remove organic (and sometimes inorganic) materials in drinking, process, and wastewater by oxidation through reactions with hydroxyl radicals (OH minus).

For UVOX Redox® water treatment, this refers to the chemical process that employs the (already) dissolved ozone (O3) in water and the irradiation with UV-light (254 nm) resulting the formation of a hydroxyl radical, which is an extremely powerful oxidant.

  • Inactivation of persistent microorganisms such as: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Legionella by ripping off their protective epidermis (skin) effectively. In this way the UVOX Redox® triple purification process can penetrate the cell.
  • Many hazardous, persistent micropollutants (such as pesticide, hormones, rest of medicine, and other disinfection by-products (D.B.P.`s)) are efficiently downgraded.

Our most appreciated contributions, case studies and white papers

  • R & D project – sustainable water treatment in the leisure and recreational industry: Test results of UVOX Redox® as part of the EC- subsidized DemEAUmed project.

  • R & D project – TKI : Legionella removal in wastewater.

  • Food safety: How to prevent water contamination in form of microorganisms and micropollutants.

  • Coming soon: Test Report on process water in the  dairy Industry.

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