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The UVOX Redox® process improves the quality of process water and avoids sprouting during storage and processing.

Cooling water is an essential component in many industrial production processes. It helps regulate temperatures and prevent equipment from overheating. However, cooling water systems also come with potential health risks due to high water temperatures, stagnant water, and open-air systems that can lead to the growth of bacteria such as Legionella and algae.

To prevent these health risks in a natural way, disinfection is necessary. Chemical cleaning is a common method, but it has several drawbacks, including extra costs and the use of hazardous substances. Fortunately, there is a safe alternative: the triple UVOX Redox® process.

This innovative technology combines the oxidizing effect of ozone with the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light, which initiates a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP). The UVOX Redox® system can purify cooling water without the addition of chemicals, leaving the water in its natural form with no residues. With a single system and a single lamp, it ensures the safety of the cooling water system and saves costs.

Furthermore, for the production of high-quality food, beverages, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical products, an impeccable microbiological quality of process water is essential. Reduction of micropollutants is also of great importance.

The UVOX Redox® system combines ultraviolet disinfection, ozone oxidation, and advanced oxidation to achieve these goals. The system ensures the desired results with a single, easy-to-use system and leads to the reuse of water, which saves considerably on costs.

In conclusion, the UVOX Redox® system is an efficient and safe way to ensure the quality of both process and cooling water systems in industrial production. Its triple water purification process guarantees a natural and residue-free environment for the production of high-quality products.

Value proposition

  • Absolutely safe and efficient disinfection of all micro-organisms (up to 99.999%)
  • Protection against Legionella
  • Reduction of hazardous unwanted disinfection by-products DBPs (Chloramine, THM, etc.)
  • Reduction of harmful micropollutants
  • Maintain the water in its natural form, no unpleasant odour or taste
  • No change in the the natural constitution and pH value

  • Low capital and operational expenditure CAPEX / OPEX

  • Regular automatic measuring and controlling of water parameters to safeguard the water quality

  • Easy implementation and maintenance

  • Improvement of the intake water quality

  • Increased reuse of grey / process water

  • Less dependent on unstable potable water supply

  • A sustainble and eco-friendly way of water purification


Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
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