UVOX Redox® customized (O.E.M.)

For many industrial applications it is necessary to develop a customized UVOX Redox®  system to meet the scope of purification . Each water matrix is different and specific to a certain (production) process. The UVOX team starts with an initial water analysis and an UV-C transmission measurement. Thereafter, we configurate an UVOX Redox® test installation, which is most often installed at the premises of our customer for a certain period. The test installation allows the customer to carry out real-time tests in a confidential surrounding. For this a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed. Facts and figures will be evaluated confidentially to clarify the feasibility of a full scale UVOX Redox® system.

UVOX Redox® customized (O.E.M.)

Value proposition

  • UV-Disinfection / UV-Compact monitoring
  • Ozone oxidation / advanced oxidation process (AOP)
  • up to 99,999 % deactivation (LOG 5 reduction) of all pathogens
  • effective reduction of  micropollutants
  • advanced oxidation of many persistent dissolved substances
  • increase of the oxygen content
  • savings on chemicals, water and energy
  • minimum maintenance without endangering the water quality
  • no disinfection by products (D.B.P`s)
  • easy installation, handling and maintenance
  • minimal maintenance and production down-time
  • cost-effective and sustainable triple process of water purification


  • Public swimming pools
  • Private swimming pools with or without chlorine
  • Natural pools / swimming ponds
  • Lake management
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Fountains
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Drinking water
  • Food process OEM
  • Industrial process water
  • Industrial cooling water
  • Industrial waste water

Technische Spezifikationen

According to the UVOX Basic patent, customized UVOX Redox® multi lamp systems  can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific purification goals.

Optional system parameters:

  • Automated mechanical cleaning  mechanism (in form of wipers)  to clean the outside of the quartz sleeve(s)
  • Cyclone injector  with pressure or flow  controlled booster pump(s) for a stepless injection of the Ozone / Air mixture
  • UV-Dose control (mJ/ cm²)
  • Flow control
  • Two point Redox measurement to optimize the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.)
  • Temperature control
  • Full integration in the water circle to reuse water