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Why using UVOX Redox®  in a public swimming pool?

Wapure International GmbH - UVOX Redox®

Value proposition:

  • Absolutely safe disinfection of all microorganisms (up to 96%).
  • Legionella protection in the filter, as the activated carbon layer will be removed.
  • Reduction of the free Chlorine level to the minimum (only for the purpose of depot disinfection in the basin).
  • Unwanted DBP´s (Chloramine, THM etc.) do not come into existence.
  • Hazardous micropollutants are removed.
  • No unpleasant smell or taste.
  • Not aggressive to eyes, skin, hair, and throat.
  • Verifiable cost savings on water, energy, and chemicals.
  • Reuse of grey water (even for garden sprinkling)
  • Low capital and operational expenditure CAPEX /OPEX
  • Early R.O.I.
  • Low Carbon footprint
  • Sustainable water management

Swimming is a popular recreational activity and highly recommended for its health benefits.

However, besides the health benefits derived from swimming, the swimming pool environment exposes to it guests several health risks. These health risks are associated with the exposure to microbial and chemicals contaminants.

Chlorine is used for the purpose of disinfection in most public pools and hot tubes. However, some pathogens have proven to be resistant to chlorine (e.g. Bacillus Subtilis, Cryptosporidium cysts and Giardia cysts) and therefore these cysts can still pose a threat to the health of bathers.

Chlorine based disinfectants have been found responsible for disinfection by-products (DBP’s) formation, due to the reaction with organic and inorganic constituents in the water.

Free Chlorine reacts with the so-called micro pollutants immediately to DBP’s such as combined Chlorine (mono-, di- and tri-chloramines) and strongly irritate eyes, hair, shin, nose, and throat. A THM is even carcinogenic already at low concentrations (0.02 mg per Liter).

According to the WHO guidelines the levels of free chlorine, which are currently considered to be acceptable to achieve adequate depot disinfection, while minimizing the user’s discomfort.

In public pools the minimum dosage varies to a large extend (0.3 to 5.0 mg per Liter). Legally combined chlorine (Chloramine) must not exceed 1 mg per Liter in any public swimming pool and spa pool. Pool operators should ensure as best practice, that combined chlorine never exceed half of the concentration of free Chlorine. In Europe the regulations are much stricter.

The triple UVOX Redox® process combines the oxidizing effect of ozone with the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light and initiates meanwhile a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP) in one single system with one single lamp.

After some successful long term pilot projects in heavily frequented school, hospital pools, the company Wapure International GmbH developed and patented the UVOX Redox® mainstream process.

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