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Chlorine free natural pools without Algae

Wapure International GmbH - UVOX Redox®

Do you want to swim in water in its most natural form free from any chemicals?
UVOX Redox POOL® masters private swimming pools in a sustainable way.

  • Absolutely safe bathing water.
  • Chlorine free or chlorine poor water purification.
  • Hygienically perfect water.
  • No noxious by-products (such as disinfection by-products).
  • Oxidation of micropollutants (such as urine, sweat and cosmetics).
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Soft to hair, skin, and throat.
  • Reuse of water (such as for watering the green).
  • A sustainable and economical way of water purification

The UVOX Redox POOL® process enables a care and maintenance of your private pool even without the usage of chlorine. The UVOX Redox Pool® systems lead to a chemical free or chemical poor way of water purifying of your pool and safeguards the health of the bathers.

The disinfection of all microorganisms (bacteria, algae, and viruses) and the (advanced) oxidation of body fluids, such as urine and sweat, will be effectively performed by the triple UVOX Redox® System. The water will not be aggressive to skin, hair, and throat.

The triple UVOX Redox® process combines the oxidizing effect of ozone with the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light and initiates meanwhile a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP) in one single system with one single lamp.

After a successful long term pilot test in private therapy pool for allergy sufferers, UVOX Redox® has developed and patented the UVOX Redox POOL® process.

UVOX Redox® TRIPLE purification process combines

UV Disinfection

additional Ozone Oxidation

Advanced Oxidation Process

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Let´s find sustainable water solutions together.
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