UVOX Redox® turn key systems


Public swimming pools

An UVOX Redox®  system ensures compliance with EC standards (e.g. the German DIN standard 19643) when used in public swimming pools. In addition to cost-effective and sustainable water treatment, the disinfection by-products (DBP’s), such as THM must be reduced.

Private swimming pools

In private swimming pools, an UVOX Redox® turn-key system offers multitude  advantages compaired to state-of-the-art technology. Even a chlorine-free operation of your private pool is possible in case of a good circulation and sufficient filtering in your pool.


Christal clear natural pond water without algae will be guarantied by the UVOX Redox POND® process.  Wapure International GmbH can provied you with a triple water purification system for the best and sustainable solution.

Fish farming / aquariums

An UVOX Redox® turn key system guarantees optimum water treatment even in intensive animal husbandry and even when using seawater.

Mobile drinking water treatment plants

For disinfection and Legionella protection of u.a. spring or surface water in crisis areas, the UVOX Redox® mobile standalone purification system  provides safe and residual free drinking water at low cost. It can also be used for legionella protection in hotels, elderly homes to safeguard the health.

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