Sustainable UVOX Redox® systems for public and hotel pools

In most public pools chlorine is used for the purpose of disinfection. In the pool water Chlorine reacts with compounds (such as body fluids like urine and perspiration, hair, but also cosmetics and medicine) to give rise to unwanted disinfection by products (D.B.P`s).

Free chlorine + ammonia compounds = nuisance chloramines (combined chlorines)

Free Chlorine reacts with these micropollutants immediately to D.B.P´s such as combined Chlorine. Combined Chlorine (mono-, di- and tri- chloramines) and strongly irritate eyes, hair, skin and nose and throat. A THM even is carcinogenic already at low concentrations.

In many European countries, guidelines concerning the minimum dosing of free Chlorine (mg per Liter) and the maximum level ofnuisance chloramines (combined chlorines) exists.

Many public pools and hotel pools have difficulties to meet the requirements of national legislation and guidelines. This will lead to increase of operational cost as result of frequent backwashing of the filter, a layer of activated carbon in the filter (which takes out also the free Chlorine) and an increase in flocculant.

Here you can download the extensive test results of the demEAUmed project.

After some successful long-term tests in heavily contaminated school swimming -, hotels – and therapy pools, Wapure International GmbH has developed and patented the UVOX Redox® `Mainstream` system.

Wapure International GmbH descided to design a system according to the strict German (DIN-19643) regulations, dosing 0,3 mg per Liter of free Chlorine into the water and reducing Combined Chlorine Levels lower than 0,2 mg per Liter.

The patented UVOX Redox® mainstream system leads to:

  • Reduction of the free Chlorine level only for disinfection purpose in the basin
  • Savings on Chlorine, pH stabilator and flocculant (70-90 % decrease)
  • Savings and final removal of activated carbon from the filter
  • Extension of the backwashing interval of the filter
  • Reduction of the fresh water consumption
  • Reduction of heating costs

With simultaneous improvement of the water quality:

  • Cristal clear water
  • Hygienically safe water
  • Direct legionella protection, when installed after the filter, as the Legionella is embedded preferably in the filter
  • No odor, pleasant indoor air
  • Gentle to eyes, hair and skin
  • Reduction of the chemical consumption up to 90%
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reuse of (grey) water
  • Sustainable water purification

The significant savings on water, chemicals and energy lead to a very low carbon footprint of an early amortization of the UVOX System. Therefore, in every public pool an UVOX Redox system will save money and leads to sustainable water management.

UVOX Redox® Systems can be bought or leased. Ask for a quotation for your specific application.

Guarantee: right of returning back:
When implementing the UVOX Redox® system into an existing water purification, but also when implementing in a new building, we guarantee the effective and efficient functioning of the UVOX-Redox® mainstream system in an unconventional way by a right of return. Our customers have a right of return the UVOX Redox® system, in case the amount of combined chlorine can not be reduced  within the german guidelines of DIN 19643 within a period of 3 months.

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