Pond, Aquariums and zoos: a natural and healthy habitat for fish, plants and animals

The UVOX Redox® systems provide an optimal solution for intensive animal husbandry in tanks, basins and aquarims.

  • The centerpiece is the UVOX Redox® water treatment system, which combines the disinfecting effect of UV-C light with the oxidizing effect of ozone, taking the sun as a role model.
  • The UVOX Redox system disinfects up to 90 % of all bacteria, germs and algae.
  • UVOX Redox guarantees an inactivation of all fish , seal and penguin pathogenic germs such as VHS,IPN, IPA,UDN, PKD, furunculosis and vibrio.
  • UVOX Redox oxidizes many hazardous micro pollutants such as: Urea, Ammonium, Ammoniac, Nitrites, medicine, pesticides and unpleasant odor or taste by means of the advanced oxidation process (AOP).
  • In addition an effective filtration and a pH regulation will lead to crystal clear and absolutely safe water without algae.

The patented UVOX Redox® system leads to:

  • Natural healthy water
  • Algae free water with limited biofilm at walls
  • Visibility of the fish at depth
  • Advancing the nitrification process
  • No noxious by-products
  • Up to 90 % reduction of chemicals and medicine
  • Increase of the oxygen content
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Sustainable water purification

The UVOX Redox reaction chamber is made of Polyethylene, which is particularly suitable for the water purification of fresh water and sea water or other highly corrosive media.

UVOX Redox-Pond® Systems can be bought. Ask for a quotation for your specific application.

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