The sustainable UVOX Redox –Pond® system for a private pond without algue.

Due to the UVOX Redox Pond® Technology natural pools and swimming ponds can be kept algae free even without the use of chemicals. The UVOX Redox Pond® technology combines several components into a comprehensive turn-key purification system.

  • The centerpiece is the UVOX Redox® water treatment system, which combines the disinfecting effect of UV-C light with the oxidizing effect of ozone, taking the sun as a role model.
  • The UVOX Redox system disinfects up to 99 % of all bacteria, germs and algae and oxidizes many hazardous micro pollutants such as: Urea, Transpiration, Ammonium, Ammoniac, Ammonium, Nitrites, pesticides, cosmetics and unpleasant odor or taste by means of the advanced oxidation process (AOP).
  • The UVOX Sonic (Ultra Sonic Device) is installed locally into the pond water in order to reduce the growth of microorganism and algae in form of a biofilm.
  • In addition an effective filtration and a pH regulation will lead to crystal clear and absolutely safe water without algae.

The patented UVOX Redox-Pond® system leads to:

  • Natural and crystal clear water
  • Absolutely safe water
  • Only limited algae or biofilm on walls
  • Soft for eyes, hair and skin
  • Increase of the oxygen content
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Sustainable water purification
  • Reuse of the water for other purposes

Enjoy UVOX Redox-Pond® water for the natural wellness experience.

UVOX Redox-Pond® Systems can be bought or leased. Ask for a quotation for your specific application.


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