THE UVOX Redox® Mobile Standalone Drinking Water Purification System for safe drinking water and Legionella protection

The new generation of UVOX Redox® systems fulfils all the demands made of a safe and forward-looking disinfection and purification of your drinking water.

The systems guarantee maximum disinfection both for very cold water and warm water systems. The UVOX Redox® process gives outstanding performance for the deactivation of dangerous legionella (for example Legionella Pneumophilia, an extremely resistant germ), which is frequently to be found in warm water circuits.

The patented UVOX Redox® Mobile Standalone Drinking Water Purification Systems delivers safe drinking water also for smaller applications.

  • The centerpiece is the UVOX Redox® water treatment system, which combines the disinfecting effect of UV-C light with the oxidizing effect of ozone, taking the sun as a role model.
  • The UVOX Redox® system disinfects up to 99,99 % (LOG 4 Reduction) of all bacteria, germs and algae and oxidizes many hazardous micro pollutants such as: Urea, Medicine, Ammonium, Ammoniac, Nitrites, pesticides, cosmetics and unpleasant odor or taste by means of the advanced oxidation process (AOP).
  • In addition an effective filtration and a pH regulation will lead to crystal clear and absolutely safe and natural drinking water.

The patented UVOX Redox® Mobile Standalone Drinking Water Purification system leads to:

  • Deactivation of a chlorine-resistant bacteria using the UVOX process

    Inactivation of 99,99% of all microorganism (LOG 4 Reduction)

  • (advanced) oxidation of hazardous micro pollutants
  • Absolutely safe and healthy drinking water
  • Natural, crystal clear and residual free drinking water
  • Up to 90 % reduction of chemicals
  • Improvement of taste and smell of the water
  • Soft for eyes, hair and skin
  • Increase of the oxygen content
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Low carbon foodprint
  • Early R.O.I.
  • Sustainable water purification

In 2010, Wapure International delivered a drinking water treatment plant to a children’s hospital in Benin,which is part of the Pro Humanity charitable initiative. More information about this project can be found in this PDF.

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