WAPURE International GmbH delivers the possibility to lease or rent an UVOX Redox® System.

Leasing an UVOX Redox® System can have many benefits:

Private leasing:

  • In case you wish to lease an UVOX Redox® System for private usage for your swimming pool, your natural pool or pond, a leasing contract will be signed for the duration of 5 years. In this case you will pay a monthly leasing rate, which incorporates not only the depreciation of the UVOX Redox® System and UVOX Redox® System Components, but also embodies the cost for spare parts and maintenance. Leasing an UVOX Redox® System will enable you to keep cost clearly and visible without losing cash flow.

Commercial Leasing:

  • Cheaper: investing in the UVOX Redox® that has a low in-operation rate is expensive. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides a good financial comparative overview. It includes not only the purchase price but also the cost of storage, maintenance, financing and repairs. Renting or leasing of an UVOX Redox® System will enable you to keep cost transparent and measurable. Furthermore you will benefit from only having to pay a part of the total depreciation and maintenance cost.
  • First test than upscale: when the UVOX Redox® System should be used for testing purposes on a laboratory scale base on site at your company, we are willing to prepare a quotation for leasing an UVOX Redox® installation for the duration of three month. By first hiring an UVOX Redox® System, you can learn how robust and reliable the UVOX Redox® water purification system actually is and consequently provide certainty, before you invest in a new full scale installation.
  • More flexible solutions for emergencies: In case of emergencies (such as drinking water problems, Legionella prevention etc.) the mobile Standalone UVOX Redox® equipment can be a fast and flexible rental option for your emergency.

Ask for a specific quotation for the Leasing of an UVOX Redox® System for your specific application.