Process water


  • Economical and ecological water purification
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Simple application and maintenance
  • Safe water due to reliable disinfection of all microorganism even up to 99,99% (Log 4 Reduction)
  • Smell and taste of the water are improved
  • Oxidation of many hazardous micro pollutants
  • No formation of noxious byproducts
  • No change to the pH value
  • A economical and sustainable way of water purification

The UVOX Redox® process improves the quality of process water and avoids sprouting during storage and processing.

The production of qualitative high-grade foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products requires flawless microbioligical quality of the applied product water. Moreover the reduction of the micro pollutants are of great importance. The combination of ultraviolet disinfection, ozone oxidation and advanced oxidation  leads to reuse of water.

UVOX Redox® systems are also applied successfully in other processes such as rinsing cycles, cooling circuits and water recycling, food processing industry and agriculture.

UVOX Redox® is implemented in following industries:

  • cooling towers
  • car washing
  • nuclear industry
  • food and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic Industry
  • electroplating production process
  • livestock and animal breeding