UVOX Redox POND® to master natural pools and ponds without algae.

The UVOX Redox POOL® process leads to:

  • Absolutely safe water
  • Hygienically perfect water
  • No (filamentous) Algae
  • Only limited biofilm on walls and surfaces
  • No noxious by-products
  • No unpleasant smell or taste
  • Oxidation of micro pollutants (e.g. urine, sweat and cosmetics, pesticides, medicine)
  • Suitability for allergy sufferers
  • Soft to hair, skin and throat
  • Increase of the oxygen content
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to maintain
  • Reuse of water
  • A sustainable and economical way of water purification

The UVOX Redox POND ® process enables a care and maintenance of your private pond even without usage of chemicals. The UVOX Redox POND® system will assist the natural nitrification process and will safeguard the health of the bathers by inactivating hazardous compounds. The disinfection of all microorganisms (bacteria, algae and viruses) and the (advanced) oxidation of body fluids, such as urine and sweat, will be effectively performed by the triple UVOX Redox® System. The pond water will stay in its natural, residual free from.

The triple UVOX Redox® process combines the oxidizing effect of ozone with the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light and initiates meanwhile a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP) in one single system with one single lamp.

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