Public swimming pools

Especially in public swimming pools very often regulations of water quality, such as in Germany the DIN 19643 are to be respected. The UVOX Redox® system enables cost-effective compliance with DIN 19643 when using only a small amount of chlorine and reducing effectively the disinfection by products (DBP´s).

Private pools without chlorine

In private pools or natural swimming ponds with a low number of visitors, the UVOX Redox® process enables the water purification without the usage of chlorine and thus neither harm skin or hair.

Pond cleaning and algae control

The UVOX Redox® systems ensure a cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning of your garden pond, swimming pond, natural pools, natural pond and Koi Carp pond. Algae, especially filamentous algae, are efficiently illimated.

Clear koi fish without algae

Clear, pure water for your koi pond. With the UVOX Redox® system, you do not only ensure clean and safe water, but also actively support the nitrification process in your pond. This will promote the health of your koi carp.

Aquariums, zoos and fish farms

In aquariums, fish hatcheries and water basins with intensive animal husbandry, the UVOX Redox® UV oxidation process ensures UV disinfection of all bacteria, viruses and germs and supports of the nitrification by means of Advanced Oxidation.

Drinking water treatment

The UVOX Redox® systems guarantee maximum disinfection of all microorganisms and oxidation of many harmful micro pollutants such as pesticides, hormones and significantly improve the taste, smell and color of the water.

Waste and process water treatment

UVOX Redox® allows UV-C disinfection, ozone oxidation and advanced oxidation (AOP) of many micro pollutants such as: TOC / DOC reduction, dechlorination, degradation of disinfection by-products (DBP´s), pesticides, biocides, drugs, hormones, odors and flavorings.

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