UV disinfection, Ozone oxidation und Advanced Oxidation

The UVOX Redox® technology combines the oxidizing effect of ozone with the disinfecting efffect ultraviolet light and initiates meanwhile a highly effective advanced oxidation process (AOP) in one single system with one single lamp.

We focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly and chemical-free technologies for water treatment.


Sustainable public swimming pools

For public swimming pools, guidelines concerning the deactivation of microorganism and the reduction of hazardous disinfection by-products (e.g. Combined Chlorine) exist in order to safeguard the health of the bather. The UVOX Redox® technology allows compliance with these guidelines in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Private pools even without Chlorine

For private swimming pools with limited amount of visitors, the UVOX Redox® system safeguards the natural quality of the pool water even without the usage of Chlorine, thus neither hair nor skin will be attacked.

Pond cleaning and algae control

The UVOX Redox® systems safeguard the sustainable and cost effective cleaning of your natural pool, swimming pond or natural pond. In this case, algae in particular thread algae are efficiently combated and the natural water resource will be secured.

Clear Koi ponds without algae

Pure and crystal clear water for your Koi pond. With the proven UVOX Redox® system, you do not only ensure clean and healthy water, but you will also assist the Nitrification process. This will safeguard the health of your koi carpe in a natural and sustainable way.

Aquariums, zoos and fish hatcheries

In Aquariums, zoo`s and for intensive animal husbandry, the UVOX Redox® process guarantees an efficient UV- Disinfection, UV Oxidation and Advanced Oxidation of all Bacteria, Algae and Germs and accelerates meanwhile the Nitrification process creating safe, natural and crystal clear water.

Drinking water purification and Legionella protection

The UVOX Redox® system guaranties a 99.99 % disinfection of all microorganism and an (advanced) oxidation of hazardous micro pollutants (such as pesticides, hormones and medicine) and safeguards therefore the natural taste, smell and color of drinking water without using chemicals.

Process and waste water treatment

The UVOX Redox® technology guaranties in deactivation of microorganism and a decrease in hazardous micro pollutants (such as TOC / DOC reduction, DBPs, combined Chlorine, pesticides, Biocides, medicine, hormones and odor and smell compound). UVOX Redox® systems contribute, that water can be re-used.

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