Process water
The UVOX process is extremely suitable for improving the quality of natural water and avoiding sprouting during storage or processing of the process and production water.


  • Economical and ecological water purification
  • Extreme cost effectiveness
  • Simple application
  • Safe water due to reliable sterilisation
  • No upgrading of viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Smell and taste of the water are optimised
  • No formation of noxious byproducts
  • No change to the pH value
The production of qualitative high-grade foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products requires flawless microbioligical quality of the applied product water. The combination of ultraviolet disinfection and oxidation drastically reduces the bacterial count without changing the water quality. No dangerous byproducts are formed due to the UVOX process and the pH value remains unchanged.

UVOX systems are also applied successfully in other processes such as rinsing cycles, cooling circuits and water recycling.
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