Poolcare (even without chlorine)
Poolcare without chlorine

In former days the disinfection of the poolwater occured as result of chlorination. In the water chlorine reacts extremly rapidly with ammonia to form chloramines, which irritates eyes, throat, nose and hair to a large extend and even can be dangerous to your health.

The UVOX-Redox Systems in combination with UVOX-Sonic and / or UVOX Redox Biofilm Remove products can purify your pool water without using chlorine.

Poolcare with limited amounts chlorine
In case limited amounts of chlorine are dosed to the water in order to have buffer disinfection, the UVOX Redox System effectively reduces the toxic combined chlorine (Mono-, Di- , Thri chloramines and THM).
The UVOX System combines the UV-Disinfection with the Ozone Oxidation / advanced oxidation process (AOP).
Benefits of UVOX:
  • crystal clear and natural water
  • absolutely safe water
  • chlorine free operation
  • no irritationing side effects of chlorine
  • natural smell and taste of the water
  • soft to eyes, hair and skin 
  • reducing chemicals up to 90 %
  • environmentally friendly solution
  • cost savings due to minimum consumption of chemicals, water and energy
  • minimal maintenance  without endangering the water quality
  • amortisation of the UVOX equipment within 3-5 years
Reduction of bonded chlorine (chloramine) due to OH radicals

The oxygen in the air is converted into ozone and OH radicals by means of an ultraviolet lamp produced especially for Wapure. This air mixture of ozone and OH radicals is injected into the swimming pool water by means of a venturi device.

In order to complete the oxidation process, the UVOX-100 D requires a pipeline of approx. 10 – 20 metres up to the pool inlet. Following this all ozone in the water is oxidised.

The pool water is irradiated again by ultraviolet light where the more high-capacity UVOX-250 system is involved. As a result, a maximum amount of OH (minus) radicals is formed, which reduces the chloramine and other organic chlorine compounds in a revolutionary fashion without the formation of hazardous byproducts or alteration to the pH value.

The UVOX-250 system guarantees a certain minimum ultraviolet metering, by means of which all ozone in the water is converted into OH radicals. This additional benefit accelerates and optimises the oxidation process.

An activated carbon filter is therefore not required by both systems for ozone removal.

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