Water purification and reduction of algae
In a biologically functioning pond the natural balance between the different components of the eco-systems is in existence. The sunlight with its different radiations plays hereby an important role. If the eco-system is operating effectively, the water quality will be relatively stable and the growth of bacteria, germs and viruses is only allowed to a certain level.

Benefits of UVOX System

  • Natural and safe water
  • Crystal clear until the bottom
  • No Algae
  • Disinfection of up to 99,9% bacteria, germs, viruses
  • Increase of oxygen
  • No changes of pH-value
  • Improvement smell and taste and colour
  • Minimal maintenance by optimal water quality
  • Increased performance of the (bio)filter
  • Low initial and maintenance costs
In order to support the natural balance of a man-made pond, the UVOX-System simulates the impact of the sunlight. 

In one device the oxidising process of ozone is combined with the disinfecting process of UV-light. The UVOX-Systems are therefore highly recommended for the water treatment of natural pools, swimming ponds as well as of fountains.
Due to a certain dosage of UV-Light the DNA of a micro-organism is destroyed. Bacteria, viruses and germs are therefore deactivated and unable to multiply themselves. UV-Light is a natural disinfectant against fish pathogens such as VHS, IPN, UDN, PKD, Furunculosis and Vibrio.

As result of the oxidation process of unpleasant or unwanted components, the taste, smell and colour of the pond water is improved to a large extend. The UVOX-Systems guarantee natural water without dangerous substances.

Wapure International has developed specific system components for Koi ponds
(UVOX-Redox CR).
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