Company - Mission statement
Water is our most valuable resource. There is no life without water. Clean water is becoming increasingly important. Even though water covers over 70% of the earth’s surface, only 1% can be used as drinking water. Healthy and ecologically purified drinking, bathing and process water is an investment in tomorrow’s world.

Wapure International stands for 30 years of experience in research and the development of water purification in the areas of ultraviolet radiation and ozone oxidation.

Hans Berson, an engineer, founded Berson Milieutechniek B.V. in the Netherlands in 1974 and has already implemented several patents in the areas of ultraviolet sterilisation, ozone oxidation and (waste) water purification. In 1986 this future-oriented company was taken over by the British HALMA PLC Group and is listed on the London stock exchange. Hans Berson has been a freelance consultant for various renowned companies throughout the world.

In 1996 Hans Berson founded Wapure International with the objective of pushing ahead with environmentally friendly, healthy and non-residual water purification, also making this technology available for smaller budgets.

Barbara Hartenstein-Berson MBA took on the management of Wapure International in 2003 and relocated production to Germany. Hans Berson remains responsible for research and development.
Wapure International is convinced that water disinfection is the growth market of the future. Wapure ensures on a global basis that water:
  • does not lead to disease
  • can be used repeatedly
  • does not pollute the environment
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