Crystal clear koi fish ponds without Algae

The UVOX Redox System is a combined UV Ozone water purification system for your koi and fish pond. It will not only guarantee crystal clear pond water without algae, but will effectively support the health of your koi fish by:

  • killing-off of harmfull germs by means of UV-Disinfection
  • reducing many noxious compounds (such as amoniak, amonium, nitrite, nitrate and pesticides) by means of the advanced oxidation process (AOP).

Benefits of the UVOX System:

  • safe and natural water
  • healthy koi fish
  • crystal clear pond water without algae
  • in-depth sight of up to two meters
  • limited biofilm at walls
  • improvement in the smell and taste of the water
  • economical and ecological water purification
  • no change to the pH value
  • no formation of noxious byproducts
  • increase of the Oxygen content
  • cost savings due to minimum water and energy consumption
  • minimum maintenance  without endangering the water quality
  • amortisation of the equipment  within 3-5 years

The UVOX water purification process

The UVOX process combines the disinfecting effect of ultraviolet light with the oxidising effect of  ozone and OH radicals on organic dissolved matter.

The UVOX Redox waterpurification provides:

  • UV-Disinfection of up to 99,90% of all germs
  • Ozone Oxidation / Ozonation
  • Advanced Oxidation with OH Radicals resulting in:
    • Reduction of noxious compound (s.u. Amoniak, Amonium, Nitrite, Nitrate, Medicine and Pesticides).
    • Nitrification and Denitrification
    • TOC/ TOC Reduction
    • Increase of oxygen content.
The DNA of microorganisms is damaged by a certain dosage of ultraviolet light. Bacteria, viruses and mildew are deactivated effectively and are unable to reproduce.

Ultraviolet light is a natural disinfection agent against all fish, seal and penguin pathogenic germs such as VHS, IPN, IPA, UDN, PKD, furunculosis and vibrio.

The Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.) leads to an efficient reduction of TOC / DOC and many other perstistant substances.

The taste, smell and colour of the water are improved considerably due to the oxidation of undesired dissolved matter. This leads to natural water without damaging substances of content.

The UVOX Redox reaction chamber is made of polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is particularly suitable for the water purification of fresh water and sea water and other highly corrosive media.
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