Drinking water purification for private households, hotels, flat-sharing communities, trains, ships, wells and spring embankments
The UVOX process is especially suitable for well water and springs or for drinking water purification in private households, hotels, small flat-sharing communities, ships and trains.


  • Economical and ecological water purification
  • Safe drinking water, both for warm water and cold water circuits
  • improved smell and taste of the drinking water
  • No formation of noxious byproducts
  • No alteration to the pH value
The new generation of UVOX systems fulfils all the demands made of a safe and forward-looking disinfection and purification of your drinking water. The systems guarantee maximum disinfection both for very cold water and warm water systems. The ultraviolet oxidation process gives outstanding performance for the deactivation of dangerous legionella (for example Legionella Pneumophilia, an extremely resistant germ), which is frequently to be found in warm water circuits.

The oxidation of undesirable  organic dissolved matter considerably improves the taste of the your drinking water. In addition to this, the smell and colour of the water are optimised. 

Not only are all micro biological paramets of drinking water adhered to safety, but also the smell and taste are both considorably improved. Unlike other treatments such as chlorination, the ultraviolet disinfection and simultaneous oxidation make no noxious by-products. The natural quality of your drinking water is optimized.
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