Public Swimming Pools
High concentrations of combined chlorine (Mone-, Di- and Tri chloramines) and THM often lead to water quality problems and high maintenance cost. UVOX efficiently reduces these compounds by means of the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.) and enables an economical and ecological water purification.

Private Pools
In private swimming pools with a limited number of visitors, the UVOX Redox system enables a chlorine-free water treatment. UVOX disinfects up to 99,9% of all bacteria, viruses and algae and reduces many harzardous compounds. The UVOX Purification System is soft to eyes, hair and skin.

Natural Pools and Ponds without Algae
The UVOX water Purification System enables an ecologically responsible water treatment for ponds, swimming ponds, natural pools and Koi Fish ponds. The combined technology of UV-Disinfection and Advanced Oxidation leads to cristal clear water without algae.

Koi Ponds without Algae
Crystal clear water without algae for Koi and fish ponds. The UVOX System combines two technologies in one single system. UV-Disinfection for killing off micro organism and Advanced Oxidation for reducing many hazardous compounds (e.g. Amoniac, Nitrite and Odour). The UVOX Purification System actively supports the health of your Koifish.

Aquaria, Zoos & Fish Farms
For aquariums, fish hatcheries and water basins with intensive animal breeding, the UVOX UV-Oxidation process guaranties an effecitive UV- Disinfection off all pathogens and supports the nitrification by means of the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

Drinking Water
The UVOX Water Purification Systems guaranties a 99,9% disinfection of all harzardous micro-organism and an advanced oxidation of many unhealthy compounds, s.u. pesticide, medical by-products and hormones.

Process Water & Waste Water
UVOX enables an UV- disinfection and a reduction of many percistent compounds, s.u. TOC/ DOC, Chloramine, Pesticides, Biocides and Hormones, by means of the Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.) in one single system with one single lamp.

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